If you have been struggling with large amounts of debt, or have been unable to make your monthly payments, you may feel like you are alone. Although this situation can be very stressful, you do have options. One of the best things you can do to avoid liquidating your assets or declaring bankruptcy is to negotiate with your creditors. However, this can be very intimidating, which is where a skilled debt attorney can help. David Soble is a caring and knowledgeable attorney who can negotiate with your creditors for you.


You may feel like talking to your creditors won’t do any good when you are overwhelmed with missed payments, but it’s actually one of the easiest ways to make your debt more manageable. Many creditors will be willing to settle for a smaller sum or will be willing to give you more time to make your payments. There are many different tactics you can use. If there’s been an extenuating circumstance, like a family emergency, that’s been causing the missed payments, creditors may be sympathetic to that and be willing to give you a little more time to get back on your feet. If you have a steady income, you may be able to negotiate a scheduled payment plan that you can afford. If you have assets that you are willing to sell, they may be willing to lower the overall amount of debt slightly for a lump sum payment. Everything is dependent on your individual situation.


There are many different types of debt and each needs to be negotiated differently. The most common forms of debt are:

  • Credit card debt: After a certain amount of missed payments, many creditors will be willing to accept a settlement for less than you owe, as it is less costly to them in the long run.
  • Car loans: Many car loan companies are willing to give you more time on your payments, depending on your situation. Timely communication is key.
  • Mortgages/home loans: There are many strategies for negotiating real estate debt, however, you will need a real estate lawyer. David Soble also offers real estate law services.
  • Medical debt: Early negotiation is key with medical debt. You may be able to get a discount on your bill with a down payment or set up a payment plan.
  • Student loan debt: Student loans can be very difficult to negotiate, but with some expertise, you may be able to convince your lenders to accept delayed payments, giving you more time.


While you can negotiate with creditors yourself, it is highly recommended that you use a lawyer. Debt attorneys have an extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations surrounding debt and credit usage, and they will be able to use this to your advantage. You have rights as a consumer using credit and your lawyer will help make sure that proceedings are fair and that creditors are not hassling you unlawfully. Lawyers also have extensive experience dealing with creditors. They know what options they will be most likely to settle for and how to get you the best deal quickly and efficiently, so that you can stop worrying about your debt and can work to pay it off quickly.

Don’t continue struggling with mountains of debt – call David Soble today to see how he can help you negotiate with your creditors.

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