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V. Braun
"When everyone "didn't get it," you really listened to me until you understood the problem. I asked two other lawyers before I came to you. Thank you for your time and your empathy."
Jeanne L. Shelby
I worked with David to help with a problem concerning a balloon payment for my line of credit. He was, helpful, knowledgeable, compassionate and actually nice. I would recommend him for any debt problems you have!!! Thanks David -- what a great Thanksgiving present.
Rhoda St. Luce
David, I anguished for months over my problem. Had I not called you, I don't think I would have gotten it resolved. In less than 2 weeks you negotiated a fair settlement for my business. I'm so happy and my employees are happy. Thank you!
J. James
The balance for one of my credit cards was over $14,000. In less than one week David and his staff were able to negotiate a new balance for less than $4000. We saved over $10,000. This was for just on one of our cards. I have to admit that my husband and I were skeptical at first, but they delivered. I now understand why the meaning behind the name. David and his staff are truly a Proven Resource!
Joel L. Lapeer
The IRS lien killed my ability to refinance my business loan with [the bank]. They wanted the lien removed or they wanted me to pay off the loan immediately. [David] Soble got my 'house' in order and quickly. His experience was my strength.
M. Donte
I am extremly relieved and pleased with the results. This issue has been dragging on for years and David had it resolved in 120 days
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