5 Reasons to Pursue a Settlement for a Legal Dispute

According to the American Bar Association relatively few lawsuits ever go all the way to trial. Most parties to civil (non- criminal) cases are settled long before trial. Once a suit is filed, the legal process itself can actually help opposing parties understand the strengths of their respective positions, often facilitating a settlement. Here are […]
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Critical Steps to Win Over Creditors

Times are tough for everyone. And sometimes debt is just inevitable. Whether an individual is unable to pay a debt obligation of $1,000 or a business is facing default in the millions, the overall recommendation for handling the debt negotiation remains the same. It’s important to communicate, consult with the appropriate experts and proceed with […]
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How to Successfully Achieve a “Credit Rebound”

Low credit scores lead to higher borrowing costs, and in higher insurance rates. Low credit scores can also mean being denied affordable housing, a car, or worse yet, an employment opportunity. The term “rebound buyer” is becoming more familiar in today’s difficult economy. It usually applies to someone who obtains financing for a home when […]
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