Our Mission is Simple: To Provide effective and affordable legal services to consumers and business owners facing pressing legal or financial matters.


  • Bankruptcy Alternatives
  • Credit Card Issues
  • Creditor / Debtor Rights
  • Debt Negotiation
  • Fair Debt Collectors Procedure Act (FDCPA)
  • Foreclosure
  • Loan Restructuring
  • Tax Issues


Within an hour of first meeting with David, he can provide you with a road map to successfully resolve your financial and /or legal issues. His experience on both sides of the negotiation table gives David a distinct advantage as an effective advocate for you. For years he has successfully resolved problematic real estate, business and lending transactions ranging from $25,000 to $300 Million Dollars for business owners, and consumers alike.

Let David’s 25+ Years of Practical Legal and
Business Experience Work for You.


The balance for one of my credit cards was over $14,000. In less than one week David and his staff were able to negotiate a new balance for less than $4000. We saved over $10,000. This was for just on one of our cards. I have to admit that my husband and I were skeptical at first, but they delivered. I now understand why the meaning behind the name. David and his staff are truly a Proven Resource!


The IRS lien killed my ability to refinance my business loan with [the bank]. They wanted the lien removed or they wanted me to pay off the loan immediately. [David] Soble got my ‘house’ in order and quickly. His experience was my strength.


Where do we begin? We greatly appreciate all of the hard work you did for us last month. Without you, we would have lost a big part of our lives. If you treat other “clients” the same as us, your roster of friends must be a mile long. Your guidance has been incredible…. Your name and number will be part of our phone book. We will sleep like babies tonight


I am extremly relieved and pleased with the results. This issue has been dragging on for years and David had it resolved in 120 days


David, I anguished for months over my problem. Had I not called you, I don’t think I would have gotten it resolved. In less than 2 weeks you negotiated a fair settlement for my business. I’m so happy and my employees are happy. Thank you!


I worked with David to help with a problem concerning a balloon payment for my business line of credit.  He was, helpful, knowledgeable, compassionate and actually nice. I would recommend him for any debt problems you have!!! Thanks David — what a great Thanksgiving present.


“When everyone didn’t get it, you really listened to me until you understood the problem. I asked two other lawyers before I came to you. Thank you for your time and your empathy.”



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